Teachers Participated In Various Activities

Now-a-days rapid changes are taking place in every field and new trends are emerging. Workshops and paper presentations take into consideration these changes. Participation in such activities enables the teachers from various departments to rejuvenate their knowledge.

Dr. Mrs. Nandedkar K. A

   International Level Paper Presentations
1.Color image segmentation using fuzzy C-means clustering at Banglore.

2.Color image segmentation review at Singapore-Best paper award

3.“Texture Image Segmentation using Wavelet Transform”, IEEE International Conference on Advances in Computer Vision and Information Technology, (ACVIT-09), Aurangabad, 2009.

4.“Multilevel approach for color image segmentation”, Indian International Conference of Computer Vision and Image Processing (ICVGIP), Kolkata, pp. 338-344, 2004.

5.“Texture Image Segmentation using FCM”, International conference on International Conference on Machine Learning and Computing (ICMLC-2018), Hongkong.

6.“Color image segmentation using histogram multithresholding”, International Conference on Systematic, Cybernetics and Informatics (ICSCI), Hyderabad, 2005.