Sri Pendekanti Venkatasubbaiah

     MGM'S college of CS & IT promises this competitive advantage for every computer graduate going out of the college. What is required is to have an edge over the others. The best possible teaching learning process could be the blend of regular education with appropriate expo to the industry.

        Trying to implement and improve this concept since inception MGM'S college of CS & IT started in 2000 is stepping into 12th year of the existence. A long journey challenging and rewarding with so many milestones of achievements, MGM has today created a brand equity for quality education. Our alumni having placed all over the globe in industries an organization of repute speaks about this quality.

        We provide here every opportunity to explore the talents of the student through sports and extra curricular activities which is our USP. Various alumni meets we have had recently in USA in India gave us immense pleasure to be part of career development of success icons, MGM has launch in the open sky of global competition.

There is always a room for improvement and quality has got no destination. Join us for this voyage giving you every opportunity for your total personality development.

          See you in Campus.
                                                                                                                                                                           Dr.Mrs.Geeta S.Lathkar