Courses Offered

Three years (Six semesters) computer graduate course, which was earlier, called as BCS. The course is different from general B.Sc. computer science with one of the subject as computer science and others are physics, math, stat etc. In this B.Sc. Computer Science course for all three years, student has to study only computer related software and hardware subjects.

Three Years (Six Semester) under graduate program containing theoretical and practical training in Communication skill, Basic Biosciences, Introduction to Biotechnology and Principles of Chemistry, Biochemistry, Genetics, Microbiology, Bioinstrumentation. Computer Science Courses

S.No. Courses Level year of starting In Take
1 BSc(CS) UG 2000 240
2 BCA UG 2004 240
3 MSc(SE) PG 2000 60

Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Courses
S.No. Course Level year of starting In Take
1 BSc[Biotechnology] UG 2004 80
2 BSc[Bioinformatics] UG 2007 60
3 MSc[Biotechnology] PG 2002 20
4 MSc[Bioinformatics] PG 2002 20

Electronics Course
S.No. Course Level year of starting In Take
1 MSc[Electronics] PG 2002 20