Courses Offered

Bachelor of Computer Science (B.Sc- CS) is a 3 years under-graduate course with a specialization in the domain of computer science, software and hardware related aspects. The course is a bachelor’s level program in the area of computer science which encompasses important areas like programming, software, hardware, and networks under its ambit. The motive of the course is to provide students sufficient knowledge and skills that would be effective enough to help them channelize their learning in a practical sense.

B.Sc (CS) & BCA
Sr.No. Courses Level Year of Starting In Take
1 B.Sc. (CS) UG 2000 240
2 BCA UG 2004 160
3 M.Sc. (SE) PG 2000 60

Biotechnology & Bioinformatics Courses

B.Sc. in Biotechnology is a 3- year undergraduate course, involving an advanced study of the cellular and bimolecular processes for development of a variety of technologies and products that contribute to improving people’s lives and health.

The course Bioinformatics is a combination of Biology, Computer Science, and Information Technology. It focuses on the information analysis and management in biotechnology.

Sr.No. Courses Level Year of Starting In Take
1 B.Sc. [Biotechnology] UG 2004 60+60
2 B.Sc. [Bioinformatics] UG 2007 60
3 M.Sc. [Biotechnology] PG 2002 30
4 M.Sc. [Bioinformatics] PG 2002 30

Electronics Course

M.Sc. Electronic Science is a postgraduate course in Electronic Science. It is a branch that deals with electrical circuit that involves active electrical components like transistors, vacuum tubes, diodes, integrated circuits and associated passive interconnection technologies.

Sr.No. Courses Level Year of Starting In Take
1 M.Sc. [Electronics] PG 2002 30