Today's age is the age of globalisation where rapid changes are taking place in every arena. Students get the knowlege of all those changes through changes through university education. Though the basic objectives of university is to impact knowledge to the students through teaching and learning activity, research and extension education are other two objectives. Extension education is a third objective accepted by UGC according to its new policy of 1976 which accepts the society. N.S.S. is a part of towards the neglected segments of mainly on versatility of the students and using education for the betterment of society. It initiates the feeling of responsibility in them. N.S.S. enables students to receive information of all components of society and create awareness. The glimpse of rural India can be experienced through various activities of N.S.S. making the personality of students creative and progressive. This year we held blood donation camp on the occasion of Gandhi Jayanti in which nearly 437 students have donated blood.
Basically two types of programme are conducted in N.S.S. The first type includes regular activities and the second type is in the form of special camps. Regular activities include orientation programmes, celebration, of Teachers day, Gandhi jayanti, Group discussion, Elocution Competition etc. Special camps are conducted with specific purpose such as cleaning activity, cunducting various activities for spreading awareness etc.